Your apprenticeship with EGLO

“The apprentices of today are the qualified experts and specialists of tomorrow”. This has been our motto since the beginning of our in-house training for various professions many years ago. In 2013 EGLO was awarded the predicate “Excellent Training Provider” by the Tyrolean Chamber of Trade and Business.

During the in-house training we concentrate on “learning by doing” – our trainees are integrated in the daily work of the company. Every few months they are transferred to another department, acquainting them with the whole enterprise and thus preparing them for the future in the best possible way. We also support our trainees in the school and college activities by providing internal and external further education courses and events.

But there is not just working and learning that make up our trainees’ and apprentices’ life, having fun is also an important aspect: every year a wide range of activities and an excursion are on offer.