A Guide to Winter Ceiling Fans

How it Works

In Winter, running your fan in reverse mode draws naturally rising warmer air down from ceiling level, gently recirculating it throughout the room, and balancing room temperatures.


How to Use Winter Reverse Mode

The majority of EGLO ceiling fans feature a switch on the side of the motor. This switch is labelled ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’. Generally, your ceiling fan will be in ‘Summer’ mode and will be an anti-clockwise rotation of the blades. By switching to ‘Winter’ mode, the blades will rotate in a clockwise direction and recirculate the warm rising air throughout your room. Generally speaking, you may only need to set your ceiling fan at a low speed for it to be effective in colder months.

What are the Benefits?

Running a ceiling fan is a lot more affordable than running most household appliances, particularly your heat pump or other heating methods. By running your ceiling fan in reverse mode, you can use a lower thermostat setting on your heating. This will ultimately save energy as well as your heating costs by as much as 10 percent (this is an approximation and may vary depending on room and fan size).