Enjoy your meal! Tips for correct dining table lighting

This scenario happens in thousands of households every day, with various tasks being done in the family rooms in the house. The dining table is more than just where you eat, it has to be universal, and above all, well-lit. Whether working as a home office or the weekly chess game - only with the right lighting does this activity become an experience. What do you have to consider?

Farewell, shadows. 

Everyone knows the feeling - you start writing, sewing or doodling but realise your vision is not ideal. If the lighting is wrong, an annoying shadow always appears from somewhere. Uniform surface lighting is integral for completing tasks with ease. Pendant lights are often the best solution - depending on table size and your desires, choose a single pendant or multiple pendant fitting.

Ideal height

In order to fully utilise the power of lighting, the distance between the lamp and tabletop plays a major role. You can choose between 80cm and 100cm for your ideal height.

Two in One

Special circumstances require special functions. Adapt your dining room table lighting so that it can be used in a variety of ways. Relax & Work is more than just a catchphrase, now you can find the right mood for every situation. Simply use your already installed light switch, without having to install a special dimmer. Choose between two light colours with the Relax & Work series; one tap gives you cold white light, perfect for working at the kitchen table. Tap the light switch again and there is warm white light for relaxation and a cosy atmosphere.

Optimal dining room lighting includes good general lighting for working as well as ambient lighting. Just like Max and his mother did - easy, quick and uncomplicated. Relax & Work provides the perfect combination of lighting temperatures where appropriate.