Dimming and More: What functions suits you best?

Just relax…

Create a cosy ambience with the right lighting. With EGLO's lighting technology, you can confidently and intuitively control the lighting in your home. Explore the best lighting solutions for you with the following options.

Every touch has a purpose

EGLO offers various lighting technologies to ensure your optimal and desired lighting ambience. From the classic design of dimmable lights to Smart Home solutions, find your perfect EGLO light. Without complicated wiring or demanding technology, you can achieve your ideal atmosphere after a hard day.

Dimmable Lighting

When planning the lighting in your home, you could think about wall switches with dimmer controls to work alongside EGLO dimmable lighting products. Here, the dimming technology is built into the switch which allows you full control over the brightness and light intensity.


Use a step-dimming light or lightbulb to dim your lights conveniently with existing on/off switches. You have the choice between 10%, 50% or 100% brightness by pressing the light switch several times.

Tunable Lighting

With the on/off switch, you can choose from different light colours. With the choice of neutral white, cold white and warm white, you can transform your ambience depending on the mood. 

Relax & Work

Use neutral white lighting to enhance your productivity and work, or relax with warm white lighting. The Relax & Work technology offers a 2-in-1 solution that can be controlled through conventional light switches. One click provides warm white light with 50% brightness, whereas the second click provides neutral white light with 100% brightness.

4 & 5-Step Dimming

4-step dimming lights can be dimmed directly on the wall switch in four pre-set steps. 5-step dimming lamps also offer an ambience lighting mode. 

Tunable White Lighting

Use the remote control or integrated touch function to choose between cold, neutral or warm white colour temperatures. With many functions including an integrated timer, night light or memory function, our tunable white lighting offers additional comfort and control over your ambience.

EGLO Colours

Control your lighting with the supplied remote control. This system features a dimming function, warm white light and 16 colours so you can adapt your living space to your mood or occasion. You also have the option of four different programs to bring variety to your living space.

EGLO connect

EGLO Connect is an incredible Smart Lighting system that offers many benefits and functions. Control your lights with smooth dimming via remote, smartphone or voice control. Your light can be controlled via timer function for security or to wake you up gently with the dawn simulator. EGLO Connect offers an incredible range of options and functions to suit your every lighting need. Discover them at www.eglo.com/connect.