Light influences our lives and activities. For example, bright, neutral white light promotes concentration, whereas warm, dimmed light gives us a sense of comfort. Depending on the requirement or mood you can adjust your EGLO Access light.

  • 4 finished settings
  • A remote control for different light scenarios
  • Tunable white: individually adjustable from warm white to cold white dimmable
  • 2 memory functions for individual light


> Quick and easy installation

> One remote control for up to 8 different items and controllable up to 10 meters

> Light color from 2700K to 6500K

> No internet access required

Relax with warm light and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. Concentrated work or the fatigue distribute, with neutral white light, the energy level is replenished. EGLO Access offers you these possibilities and many more. All functions and highlights at a glance:

  • It works with high frequency technology
  • Enables 360-degree control
  • Controllable up to a distance of 10 meters
  • Up to 8 different items can be linked together
  • Easy to use thanks to 4 ready-made settings and 2 memory functions
  • Night Light
  • Relax & Work Fashion
  • After 30 minutes automatic shutdown


The English term "flickering" generally refers to the pulsed driving of an LED illumination. Even if a "flickering" is no longer perceptible to the human eye, it can still give sensitive persons a subconscious influence on the body.

Due to new drivers (ballasts), the supply voltage is changed only slightly to control the LEDs as evenly as possible. This means that flickering of the LEDs can be avoided. With the new ACCESS range, EGLO now offers end customers the opportunity to purchase "flicker-free" products according to the latest findings and guidelines. EGLO has set itself the goal of gradually extending this technology to the entire product range and has thus positioned itself as a pioneer.

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