This space is much calmer than the kitchen. This is retreat from the daily routine, it is where we read, listen to music, watch TV or just relax on the couch. To reflect this, the lighting should be adequately providing a cosy and balanced mood.

General lighting

Wall or ceiling lights are there for you to be installed as a basic set-up, to provide your living-room with a balanced and homely atmosphere; but you can add spotlights were needed. And don’t forget indirect lighting for the background for the TV set!

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You need more than the right book to delve into to other worlds; you need the right light as well. So select a flicker-free, calm, non-glaring bright and uniform lighting, just right you’re your reading pleasure, ideally with table lights or standard lamps with an extension. With their light towards the ceiling standard lamps provide an optimum and indirect lighting in your living room.

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Aaccentuated lighting

Accentuated lighting is the final tweak to the lighting of your living room: Highlight paintings or use spot lights to draw attention to pictures, art objects or other important places in your life, and emphasize elegance.

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