Playing, frolicking learning – and later just chilling, in any case this room needs to be a retreat for the younger members of the family, with an atmosphere of happiness and security. The right lighting contributes greatly to the purpose and suitability of this room.

General lighting

Lighting in the children’s can be just about anything, as long as it isn’t boring. In your programme for the youngsters you will find a wide range of wall and ceiling lights as well as spotlight systems – colourful and designed with children in mind, exactly what children would want.

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Desk lighting

Doodling, painting colour pictures, stories or calculus – the desk is where it all happens: painting and drawing, writing and arithmetic. The lamps for the desk must be bright, even and glare-free, to protect the young eyes. Please note that our table lamps are not suitable for children younger than seven.

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Closet and shelf lighting

Children also have their favourite things they want to present in the best light. So special picture lamps or clip spotlights illuminate the posters with the current star or band, and built-in or recessed lights shine on the treasures of childhood adventures.

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