Lighting Manufacturers

As one of the United Kingdom's most trusted and dependable lighting manufacturers, EGLO is committed to building products that are tailored to our customers’ specific needs. For more than five decades, we have continued to develop a wide range of lighting fixtures, utilising cutting-edge technology to enable our customers to enjoy our products and their contemporary design and high functionality … but without the expensive price tag!

If you are in the market for lighting solutions that will fulfil your needs while meeting the industry’s rigorous standards, our team at EGLO will be more than happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

LED Lighting Manufacturers

Excellent energy efficiency and a longer lifespan are just two of the hallmarks of LED lighting. Building on the best qualities of their predecessors while discarding their disadvantages and inefficiencies, LED lighting fixtures provide users with superior results and outstanding value for money.

At EGLO, almost our entire range consists of energy-efficient and long-lasting LED illuminants. We began producing LED lighting in 2006 as part of our efforts to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry and to meet the world’s growing demand for lighting products that are energy-efficient, safe and friendlier to the environment.

As one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers in the UK and beyond, EGLO is continuing to develop LED lighting products that are inexpensive, reliable and environmentally friendly, and have an exceptional lifespan. Whether you want indoor lighting that enhances the mood and ambience of your living room or durable and cost-saving exterior lighting that adds character to any outdoor space, you can find it all at EGLO.

Discover our extensive range of LED lighting for indoor and outdoor use by clicking here.

Commercial Lighting Manufacturers

Choosing the best lighting for your business is vital as it can have a significant impact on how people will perceive your office or establishment. If you want to achieve excellent results, you will need commercial lighting that will make your business look more professional while allowing your employees to focus on their work and on encouraging more potential customers to choose your company.

As your electricity usage can be a considerable drain on your day-to-day finances, you will want to ensure that your lighting fixtures have excellent energy efficiency and longevity. By choosing energy-efficient professional lighting, you can minimise the overall cost of running your business while reducing your carbon footprint.

EGLO is one of the most trusted commercial lighting manufacturers in the UK, offering a wide range of products designed to meet your company’s specific lighting requirements. We have extensive experience in providing business owners with innovative, eco-friendly and cost-efficient lighting solutions that help protect their bottom line. Using cutting-edge technology, our team continues to develop exceptional yet inexpensive ways for business owners to bring light to their offices or commercial establishments.

If you want to add that “wow” factor to your commercial space while keeping your day-to-day business expenses and carbon footprint low, please check out our list of technical lighting solutions and professional lighting solutions.

Domestic Lighting Manufacturers

At EGLO, we don’t just manufacture lighting products for commercial use, we also offer lighting solutions for domestic and residential purposes. If you require lighting fixtures that will instantly transform any area of your home and make any space more relaxing and inviting, we can provide you with exactly what you need.

Choosing the best lighting for every room in your home can be a complicated endeavour. You have to make sure that your choice of lighting is actually functional and offers the right amount of illumination according to the room’s specific needs. At the same time, the lighting should contribute to your home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Being one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the UK, EGLO offers an extensive selection of lighting products designed for every type of residential property, including smart homes. Our lighting fixtures come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes to suit our customers’ discerning tastes while at the same time fulfilling their practical and aesthetic needs.

With our smart lighting range, you can choose from an incredible range of 16 million colours and 50,000 shades of white. Our smart lighting products are also equipped with colour transitions, scene selections, twilight simulation and more to help you create the perfect mood and ambience. Best of all, they offer superior levels of energy efficiency so you can save money on your utility bills.

Create the perfect home with EGLO’s domestic lighting solutions. Please take a look at our product offerings and choose from our extensive selection of top-quality home lighting products by visiting this page.

Domestic LightingDomestic Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers

Well-lit outdoor spaces can significantly enhance a property’s look and appeal. At the same time, they will provide added security for your home. By choosing the most appropriate fixture with the right colour and specification and then placing it in the perfect location, you can dramatically improve any space in your garden, yard, driveway or terrace.

As one of the most trusted lighting manufacturers in the UK, EGLO has developed a wide range of lighting products designed for outdoor use. Our product offerings can withstand adverse weather conditions to provide you with the kind of exterior illumination you need regardless of the time of year.

Select the products that meet your needs from our wide array of wall lights, spotlights, path lights and pedestal lights. We also have lighting products with motion sensors for improved safety and security, as well as smart home outdoor lights that you can easily operate via voice, the App or remote control. And, if you are looking for sustainable lighting options, we have solar lighting that you can place anywhere in your garden.

Experiment with our outdoor lighting by combining different types of fixtures to achieve the desired effect. Please take a look at our exterior lighting products by visiting this page.

Outdoor LightingOutdoor Lighting

Interior Lighting Manufacturers

As you may know, interior lighting can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. It can affect your mood, concentration and productivity, amongst many other things. For this reason, it is essential that you use the most suitable lighting fixtures to create the best possible environment in your home or office.

At EGLO, we offer a wide range of lighting options to meet the specific needs of your home or workplace. Our products come in millions of colours to help you improve a room’s functionality or set the right mood.

For instance, our Relax and Work lighting range allows you to choose from cool white or warm white lighting so you can create the perfect ambience, whatever your needs. Meanwhile, our EGLO Connect range lets you choose from a broad spectrum of colours to match the lighting mood you desire.

Explore our extensive list of indoor lighting products by clicking here.

Interior LightingInterior Lighting

Industrial Lighting Manufacturers

As one of the UK's leading lighting manufacturers, EGLO is also committed to developing top-quality lighting for industrial use. Bright essential lighting is crucial. Even if an industrial space enjoys lots of natural light, there will be times when sunlight is not strong enough, especially in the winter months. This is why EGLO offers an extensive range of industrial lighting that can help improve people’s concentration, performance and overall safety.

Our LED industrial lighting products are an excellent investment for your business. Besides providing you with high-quality illumination, they are also energy-efficient with low carbon emissions. By choosing EGLO, you can maximise your savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Please visit this page and browse through our product offerings to discover what makes them an ideal lighting solution for your industrial facilities.

Let EGLO Light Your Way!

At EGLO, we have built our warehouses in strategic locations across the world to ensure our products can always be delivered quickly. We have also recently partnered with a UK warehouse to offer next-day delivery on a number of our top-selling products. You can count on EGLO to provide you with outstanding and reliable lighting solutions whenever and wherever you need them.

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