How Do Solar-Powered LED Lights Work?

Solar-Powered LED LightsSolar-Powered LED Lights

Solar LED Lighting Explained

Lighting fixtures, including LEDs that run on solar power, utilise the photovoltaic effect to produce light. They are equipped with photovoltaic (PV) cells/panels which absorb and convert sunlight into direct electrical current.

A solar panel or PV cell comprises several layers of crystalline silicon and chemicals that produce positively charged spaces and negatively charged electrons. When the sun’s rays pass through a PV cell, they “excite” the negatively charged electrons, causing them to move into the positively charged spaces. The electrons are then converted into electricity which passes through wires connecting the solar panels to a battery and is stored there until needed.

As the sun shines, the PV cells continue to convert solar power into electricity and store it in the battery. When evening approaches, a photoreceptor attached to the lighting fixture senses that it is dark and automatically switches on the LED lightbulbs. The battery will supply the necessary power throughout the night until the sun rises or the electrical charge runs out.

Why Are LEDs the Best Solar-Powered Lighting Fixtures?

Lighting products that utilise LED technology are ideal for solar-powered lighting systems. LED      lightbulbs produce light up to 90% more efficiently than traditional lighting fixtures such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Furthermore, they have a longer lifespan and can last tens of thousands of hours. In comparison, incandescent lightbulbs have a lifespan of about 1,000 hours, while halogen lights can last 3,000 hours. In addition, LEDs don’t burn out. They simply dim over time, making it easy to determine when they need replacing.


Why Are Solar-Powered LEDs So Popular?

Solar-powered LED lighting fixtures are as versatile as they are reliable and energy-efficient. They can be used in various settings and installed in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Although they work best outdoors, certain types of solar-powered LEDs, such as table lamps and “flameless” candles, can now also be used indoors.

Nevertheless, solar-powered LEDs perform best when they are outside and fully exposed to the sun’s rays. The most popular types include:

  • Garden lights
  • Wall lights
  • House number lights
Outdoor Solar-Powered LED LightsOutdoor Solar-Powered LED Lights

Due to innovation in lighting technology, there are lots of solar lighting options to choose from. For instance, at EGLO, we offer a wide range of solar-powered LED lights at a reasonable price. As one of the world’s leading outdoor lighting manufacturers, we are confident that we will be able to supply energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting products that will fulfil any specific requirements.

Why Switch to Solar-Powered LEDs?

Now that you know the answer to the question “How do solar-powered LED lights work?”, it’s time to discuss the benefits. If you are considering upgrading your home or commercial lighting, here are some reasons why you should switch to solar LED lights.

1. Renewable and sustainable

Solar power is a renewable form of energy. With the sun as your primary power source, there will be no need to worry about running out of energy. By switching to solar-powered LED lighting, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home or business will always be well-illuminated.

2. Easy installation

Solar-powered LED lights offer the benefit of being easy to install. All you need to do is decide where you want to put the lights, attach them and then you’re good to go. Because these lighting products rely on the sun’s rays for electricity, there’s no need to run wires all over your property to ensure they are connected to a reliable power source.

Outdoor Solar-Powered LightsOutdoor Solar-Powered Lights

3. Environmentally friendly

As mentioned earlier, installing solar-powered LED lights is an effective way of reducing your daily carbon footprint. As these lighting fixtures don’t rely on fossil fuels, they are much friendlier to the environment. Furthermore, unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs don’t contain any harsh chemicals.


4. Bigger savings

While it is true that solar LEDs are initially more expensive than traditional lighting products, the long-term savings will be well worth the investment. They can help reduce your daily energy consumption and eliminate the need to purchase replacements frequently due to their longer lifespan.


5. Safe and reliable

Relatively speaking, solar-powered LED lights are safer than their traditional counterparts. Because they have no external wiring, there is little to no risk of your children or pets being electrocuted or tripping on exposed wires.

Outdoor Solar-Powered LightsOutdoor Solar-Powered Lights

Invest in Solar LED Lighting Today!

Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, solar-powered LED lights rely on sunlight to provide illumination. As they offer outstanding energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly, they can enable you to make significant savings while reducing your daily carbon footprint at the same time. If you haven’t done so already, now would be an excellent time to start reaping the rewards of solar LED lighting.

If you are currently in the market for high-quality solar-powered LED lighting products, EGLO can provide exactly what you need. Please get in touch with our team today to explore our product offerings and discuss your requirements.