Factors to Consider When Choosing Office or Commercial Lighting

In order to achieve the best results, it is important to consider the benefits of good office lighting:

  • A cohesive workspace that will improve your employees’ morale, health, well-being and productivity.
  • A flexible and dynamic lighting plan that will allow your staff to perform tasks safely and efficiently.
  • A lighting setup that will promote long-term employee comfort while ensuring energy efficiency and high-quality illumination.
  • Compliance with energy codes.
  • Integration of different types of lighting (ambient, decorative, accent, etc.) to improve the look and feel of any room or space.

Advice on How to Choose and Install Office Lighting

EGLO is one of the most trustworthy commercial lighting manufacturers in the world and our team have extensive experience and knowledge of office and commercial lighting. Here are just a few tips from our experts to help you develop a practical and cost-effective lighting plan for your office.

1. LEDs for significant savings and energy efficiency

As a business owner, you will almost certainly want to minimise your everyday expenses while boosting your profits at the same time. If you have an office or commercial setting, switching to LED lights will help you maximise savings without compromising lighting quality.

LED commercial ceiling lights are significantly more energy-efficient than fluorescent tubes and HID lamps. Unlike incandescent lightbulbs, a significant amount of the energy they consume is converted into light and not wasted as heat. Furthermore, these lighting fixtures are more environmentally friendly because they use less electricity and reduce your carbon footprint.

LEDs also last longer than traditional lights. They need replacing far less frequently than conventional lighting, which means bigger savings in the long run. LED lighting fixtures are highly versatile too. They come in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes, providing you with lots of different options.

2. Natural lighting to enhance employees’ health and morale

In order to make your workspace look brighter and more inviting, you need to incorporate as much natural lighting as you can into your overall office design. Not only will this enable you to make significant savings, but it will also have a positive impact on your employees’ health and well-being. When combined with LED lighting, natural light promotes a more comfortable workspace while allowing your staff to feel connected to the outside world.

3. Bespoke lighting for every task

Each area of your office should have its own type of lighting to match the specific needs of the individuals working there. This will ensure that your staff will be able to perform their tasks effectively in an environment that supports their comfort and well-being.

For instance, if your office has an open floor plan, try not to rely solely on ceiling lights; in most cases, ceiling lights have to be strong enough to illuminate every individual workstation. Unfortunately, this often leads to glare and over-illumination, which can have a detrimental effect on people’s health and usually result in an unnecessary waste of energy.

To overcome this problem, you should consider “layering” your commercial office lighting. For example, you could use desk lamps to provide extra lighting when your employees are working on specific tasks. It is also a good idea to buy floor lamps as they will allow your staff to set the lighting intensity that works best for them.

 4. Zone different areas with various lights

Choosing high-quality lighting can help reinforce your brand while enhancing your office design so that you will always create a good first impression. This is why you should consider using various types of lighting to define different areas of your workplace, especially if your office has an open-plan layout.

  • Installing pendant lights, such as the ones on offer here at EGLO, above a large table will provide illumination for meetings and get-togethers.
  • Spotlights are ideal for corridors and walkways as they can help lead people to the different areas of your office.
  • Booths and secluded alcoves should have low or dimmed lighting to create a personal and private space to focus.
  • Accent lighting with different colours or lamps of varying shapes and sizes are recommended for lounges and common areas to brighten the space and highlight any decorative items.
  • Lighting in the reception or waiting area should be soft and relaxing. However, it should be bright enough for the receptionist to perform their essential tasks.
  • General lighting in conference rooms should be flexible and dimmable to provide maximum visual comfort during presentations or when reading/writing.

5. Go for durability and longevity

As with any office equipment, it is important to consider the lifespan of your commercial office lighting as you want to avoid having to replace lightbulbs on a regular basis. The durability of a lighting fixture usually depends on the manufacturing process and the materials used. For this reason, you should only purchase office lighting from a company such as EGLO which has an excellent track record of quality. Furthermore, remember to check for quality assurance labels which verify that the lighting products have been tested to provide you with maximum safety and reliability.

Choose the Best Office Lighting

High-quality lighting fixtures for your office or commercial space will provide you with numerous benefits. For example, you can protect your employees’ health and well-being while boosting your overall business productivity and efficiency at the same time. Moreover, premium commercial lighting will help enhance the look and feel of any space, allowing you to create a memorable first impression on customers and potential business partners. By following the advice outlined above, you will be able to create a comprehensive office lighting plan that will raise the functionality of your workplace to the next level.

If you are currently in the market for high-quality lighting for your office or commercial space, then look no further than EGLO. Designed in the Austrian Tyrol and manufactured worldwide, our products are synonymous with quality and reliability. Please contact us today to explore our product offerings and discuss your requirements.