It welcomes the old-fashioned cosiness of long forgotten days to our homes and creates a charming flea market atmosphere. If you look at the EGLO Vintage collection, memories come to your mind. Grandma’s glory days revive and you feel closer to your roots and origin and a cosy and warm feeling grows inside. Old style objects are popular not only in furniture, the homes are becoming more and more centre of people’s lives and are therefore furnished in the most individual styles. 

Extraordinary forms and decent colours determine the EGLO Vintage collection. Every single luminaire has its character that spreads light into the chosen room  – in the dining room, place for socializing with friends and family, the wall and pendant luminaires bring cosiness and inviting atmosphere. With the floor and table luminaires as special accessories for a study room, it receives a comfortable touch.

The mix of styles in our Vintage collection extends from “industrial look” of old factories across the “roaring 50’s” with pastel colours to country style with textile shades and wooden elements.  

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