System failure update

Information from July 27, 2022

After the cyberattack on EGLO and the resulting impacts on our operations, we can inform you today our systems are operational again. Email and phone accessibility has now been restored at most locations and regular operations have resumed.

This means that orders are now being processed and shipped to you as usual. We can now offer our customers and suppliers the usual service again.

We regret any delays and inconvenience caused by the incident and thank you for your understanding and trust.

Information from July 19, 2022

In the spirit of trusting and transparent cooperation, we would like to inform you that our systems were the target of a cyberattack on the night of Monday, July 18, at approximately 1 a.m. (CEST).

Our cybersecurity system responded immediately and managed to isolate the incident. However, parts of the systems were shut down for security reasons.
Currently, our systems are therefore impacted, affecting orders and deliveries.

We are working hard to limit the impact on you - our customers and partners - and are working on a secure recovery.

At the moment, we can only be reached by e-mail to a limited extent. Please contact us preferably by phone via our known mobile phone numbers.

If you have received EGLO emails during the period of the cyber attack that do not originate from official EGLO email addresses known to you, we recommend that you delete them from your accounts immediately and without reading them. Do not open these emails and do not click on any links contained in them.

Please be assured that we will keep you informed of further developments and also when we are able to return to normal daily business.

We thank you for your understanding and trust.