Where can I buy EGLO luminaires?

We collaborate worldwide with reputable trading companies, DIY shops, furniture stores, internet dealers etc. Find the respective trading partners in your country by clicking on “Retailers”.

Do I get the same products from every shop?

No, because the selection of our product is geared towards the requirements and desires of the customers in that particular market. If you like on specific product not on sale locally, please contact the team of your nearest subsidiary to find out where you can purchase the respective article.

On my luminaire the glass has broken, where do I get a replacement?

As long as the respective article is still in the sale programme range, you can obtain the required spare part from your nearest dealer.

I can’t find the instruction sheet any more, what shall I do?

You can find the instruction sheet with our Instructions Finder. Type in the article number and you will find the instruction sheet at once. The article number can be found on the packaging as well as on the product itself. In case you don’t find the article number, you can search the lamp via our visually organized product navigation. There you can download the instruction sheet in the product info section.

My LED luminaire doesn’t work anymore. Do I have to throw it away?

No, you don’t. Most of the circuit boards of our LED luminaires can be replaced. Please contact your nearest dealer.