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General Information
Material number: 11478
kW/1000h: 12
EAN/UPC: 9002759114787
Article Diameter (in mm): 60
Article Length (in mm): 120
Light Information
Nominal Luminous Flux (in lm): 1055
Rated Luminous Flux (90°/120°/full): 1055
Beamangle (in °): 200
Colour Temperature: 3000K warm white
Technical Information
Equivalence With Incandescent Lamp (W): 75
Lamp Power Factor: 0.5
Nominal Current (in mA): 95
Nominal Lamp Power (in W): 12
Nominal Lifetime (in h): 20,000
Rated Lamp Power (0,1W precision): 12
Rated Lifetime (in h): 20,000
Lumen Maintainance Factor
Lumen Maintenance Factor: 0.7
Switch information
Warm-Up Time up to 60%: 1 sec
Switching Cycles: 15,000