Suspension design TAREGA en acier, bois et béton gris 3xE27

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Détails du produit

Matière principale:acier
Couleur principale:gris
Matière du verre/de l’abat-jour:bois, béton
Couleur du verre / de l’abat-jour:marron, gris
Type de protection:IP20
Ampoule incl. (1):Exclus
Type de douille (1):E27
Garantie:2 ans
Notice de montage:Télécharger
Référence EGLO:95526
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Dive into the sublime aesthetic ambiance offered by the TAREGA Suspension, a jewel of interior lighting design proudly presented by EGLO. A stylized blend of the modern and the organic, this luminaire is the perfect addition to any room craving for a touch of fresh sophistication. Endorned in a grey concrete shade, the TAREGA Suspension sparkles with an urban chic flair. Three individual lightweights, each hanging from a distinct transparent cable, paint an avant-garde symphony of light. The trio, bound together by a cool grey metal canopy, forms an eye-catching organic design that captures the essence of modern minimalist style. However, EGLO does not stop with just bold display of contemporary design. The TAREGA Suspension comes adorned with a smart outfit of brown wood elements at the top of the shades. These wooden accessories introduce a refreshingly earthy touch, contrasting gracefully with the stark grey concrete. It is this delightful cocktail of urban elegance and organic ruggedness that defines the inherent charm of this luminaire. With a net weight of 4.66 kg, under the guise of a purposeful blend of steel, wood, and concrete, the TAREGA Suspension acts as the charismatic centerpiece in any living or dining room arrangement. The size and design are carefully balanced to emit an inviting and subtle beauty. It accommodates any E27 bulb, offering flexibility and choice to the user, tailoring the atmosphere to the occasion or mood. Hit the switch and the TAREGA Suspension comes alive, casting intriguing shadows and highlights around the room. The effective IP20 protection ensures durability and robust performance over time. In compliance with the 220-240V, 50Hz, the flexible voltage range takes care of any power fluctuations. Efficiency does not shy back in face of style, the TAREGA Suspension qualifies for an energy efficiency of A++ to B, boasting an eco-friendly profile. Underneath the chic exterior, the luminaire incorporates the most modern practices of energy conservation, making it a choice of the future. Transform your dwelling space with the TAREGA Suspension luminaire thus reflects the cherished EGLO ethos of blending art with functionality. Its grey beans of light spill onto your interior dance with the tones of your living space, creating a medley of illumination that inspires, surprises, and comforts. It is more than just a luminaire. It is the manifestation of EGLO's excellence and artistry in the realm of illumination.
Hauteur de l'article (en mm/in):1500 / 59,06
Diamètre de l'article (en mm/in):250 / 9,84
Poids net (en kg):4,66
Classe de protection:1
Tension secteur:220-240V,50/60Hz
Tension de service:220-240V,50/60Hz
Type d’interrupteur:sans interrupteur
Type d’ampoule (1):E27
Code EAN/UPC:9002759955267
Versionen TDS:Télécharger