A look behind the scenes into how your new lighting product is made.

1. Idea Generation

Our product managers and designers have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new designs and trends. New designs are inspired by a variety of sources, such as visits to trade fairs, market observation or new technology. We look at new innovations in technical implementations, new trends or new lighting technologies in order to begin our idea generation. It always remains integral however to inspire our customers with our products.

2. From the Drawing to the Product 

When an idea has potential and begins to blossom, we start on the design process. In our headquarters in Pill, Austria, we create a design sample of this initial idea which is continuously worked on until the shape, colour and illumination inspire us. Product managers, designers and developers are the core part of the process and contribute with their expertise and experience. When we are satisfied with the product, we then establish the price point.

3. Development Begins and a Prototype is Created

The first prototype sample now has been built at one of the EGLO production sites according to its specification. The creation of every single part, no matter how small, is precisely defined so that a standardised procedure can be set up. In order to ensure this, new production tools are sometimes designed.

This project phase is driven by purchasing, technical development, the quality department and prototype construction. The first prototypes are created and then must be put through quality and optics tests. Once these have been completed, nothing stands in the way of finishing the project and a new lighting product is ready to go into series production.

4. The Beginning of Series Production

The series production now begins and is carried out at one of our production facilities in China, Hungary or India. In order to have all the new products ready for delivery in time for the start of sales in all warehouses, production and logistics planning is required.

After an average of 9 months, our new lighting designs have been brought to life and produced.