The time has finally come: your first home.

Finding the right light is like looking for a needle in a haystack because the choice is huge and can be overwhelming. My internship at EGLO comes in very handy here, so I could finally decide on the right lighting for my first home whilst working to a budget. Learn more about my journey. 

Don't we all have our weaknesses? Mine is the Carlton 2.

My Carlton 2 table lamp is positioned next to my bed to shine in full splendour. This table lamp is a great feature piece for my bedroom. The lampshade is made of black and gold fabric, perfect for style and illumination. The table lamp has a geometric frame and pyramid base to give the light a contemporary look, perfect to compliment my style.

Chiselled in concrete: my living room light, the Tarega

I fell head over heels in love with the Tarega. The combination of grey concrete and brown wood gives a natural accent with an urban flair. It is a stunning feature piece for my interior! 

With its concrete look, the Tarega also inspired me to decorate my living room with concrete flower pots to finish the look. I made the planters myself, with little effort. If you're interested in trying, YouTube has many tutorials to learn how.

Thanks to my lighting choices, nothing stands in the way of relaxed film evenings and a glass of wine with good friends on the couch.

And because all good things come in threes: Brixham

Culinary meeting point and chaotic workplace - my kitchen. Lighting plays an important role here. The Brixham is placed above my wooden dining table, a simple but totally stylish single pendant fitting. The lampshade is made of clear glass so that you can see the light source, perfect for a large filament lightbulb. I chose an illuminant from the EGLO 'Amber' range, to enhance the vintage feel of the pendant and create a cosy ambience.

My new lighting is the icing on the cake for my first new home. Chic, simple and inexpensive. What about your home's lighting?