Multifaceted - Wooden Lighting as Feature Pieces

Do it yourself - simple assembly is guaranteed

Depending on the design, the wooden slats are placed upon a fastening ring. Different versions of the wooden range, with or without glass or plastic elements, enable light distribution that adapts to the environment. Put together the wooden luminaires with ease, ready as a natural accent in your home. By following the assembly instructions, you will quickly and easily create your product with the added assembly videos as support.

A stylish addition to your home

EGLO's range of wooden lamps conveys the natural relationship between man and material. Available in one or two colours, the Lamella Luminaires series has something for every taste. The designs are open, clear and straightforward and suitable for a modern living interior. In contrast, the maple-coloured slat series offers rustic chic and warmness to your styling. With the dark brown wooden slat lamps, create an air of elegance and cosiness. Whether round, oval or pear-shaped, EGLO's lamellar lights offer sustainable lighting options from natural materials.

With the coloured versions of the Fabella, you can add a pop of colour to your interior. The typically natural wooden finish is replaced with a bright colour, which is ideal for a child's room.

Our wide range of wooden lights from EGLO offers the right solution for every interior style. Choose from the extensive range to bring a new dimension and a touch of the natural world to your home.


It's not just our wooden lighting options which will inspire you! Why not browse our Pinterest board for more ideas on how to incorporate natural materials into your home. Get inspired!