What light colour would you like?

What is light colour?

The light colour of a light source refers to the colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvin or K. The Kelvin value refers to whether the light source emits warm or cool light. A low Kelvin value describes warm white light, from 2700K. The higher the value, the cooler the light appears, for instance, 5000K would emit a cold white light.

Therefore, when buying, it is important that to consider the purpose of the light source in advance. You will be able to see the Kelvin value on the packaging, to identify what colour temperature you want.

LED light colour - the myth of discomfort

Some people have claimed that LED lightbulbs have disadvantages compared to traditional lightbulbs. These concerns typically are focussed upon the light colour; that it is too bright, garish or uncomfortable. LED light sources actually offer the full range, and the light spectrum of LED light sources offers more intensity for blue and green wavelength than traditional lightbulbs.

LED-Lichtfarbe – Der Mythos der Ungemütlichkeit

Böse Zungen behaupten, dass LED Leuchtmittel im Gegensatz zu den veralteten Glühbirnen viele Nachteile mit sich bringen. Dies – glaubt man einem der unzähligen Mythen – betrifft vor allem die Lichtfarbe. Sie ist zu hell, grell und ungemütlich. Doch wir können Sie beruhigen: LED Leuchtmittel verfügen über das volle Programm. Das Lichtspektrum von LED Leuchtmitteln ist in den blauen und grünen Wellenlängenbereichen sogar intensiver als die energiefressenden Glühbirnen.

Show your light colour - room by room individually

In your office, bright white light is ideal for productivity, focus and eye comfort. Bright white light is also great for the kitchen, where you have a similar focus upon cooking, and works great in the bathroom to create a clean ambience.

Warm white light, however, offers relaxation, cosiness and a softer ambience. This is a great light for relaxing on the sofa, reading or to help you wind down before bed. 

Want to brighten up your dark room or basement? Use an illuminant with over 5000K to simulate daylight to help brighten up a darkened room, even without a window.

Light colour table - feel comfortable 

Depending on the room and your desires, you should consider three points of reference when purchasing your next light source. You need a colour temperature of 3000K for your living room, 4000K for your office or workspace, and anything over 5000K for windowless rooms.

warm white 2700 - 3000 Kelvin Living area, bedroom Resting phase
neutral white 3000 - 4000 Kelvin Office, bathroom, kitchen Working phase
cold white > 4000 Kelvin Workshop, windowless rooms Active phase

Relax & Work - Flexible in Every Way 

Do you have areas of your home where you work and relax? 

The Relax & Work collection offers two light settings to compliment your home. From cold white light to help you study and focus, to warm white light to create a cosy and inviting ambience. EGLO's Relax & Work range allows you to control the light with a normal wall switch, to easily switch between warm white and cold white light colour. .