Registration & activation of tracking services

1. Why does the Smart Control App by AwoX have to be registered?

In order to use the Smart Control App, every user must register at first connection. Only device information, favourites, settings and groups are saved in the cloud.

The main reason for this registration is the safety provided by this. No other user will have access to your luminaires or lamps unless you permit it.

Registration takes less than 30 seconds. Once you are registered, you do not have to enter your user name and password again when you open the App.

If you want to grant several persons access to the luminaires, e.g. your spouse children or friends, they only need to log in with the user data created by you at first registration. Device information, favourites, settings and groups are automatically transferred through the cloud.

Registration at initial connection therefore not only ensures safety, but also has very practical functions.

2. Why do I need to enable tracking services on my Android smartphone to link my device to the luminaires?

Since the Android update to version 6.0 you have to activate the tracking services on every Android smartphone to be able to use Bluetooth Low Energy.

Your Android device therefore requires the positioning services to be activated, not the EGLO connect luminaires.

EGLO connect does not use any of the data released by activating the positioning services. iOS users do not have to activate the positioning services, for example, for using the Smart Control App by AwoX.