About EGLO Portals

What is EGLO Portals?

EGLO Portals is a database for storing and sharing EGLO assets (digital media files such as images and videos).

What will I find in Portals?

Portals is administered by our EGLO asset management team. The platform contains product images, ambient images, videos, 3D data, PDFs and other files relating to EGLO topics. These assets are augmented by metadata from EGLO’s PIM (Product Information Management) system.

How can I access EGLO Portals?

Only authorised users can access EGLO Portals. Authorisation can be obtained from your manager, or you may have already received authorisation with the installation of your Windows user. In this case, you can simply log in at media.eglo.com using your username and Windows password.

If you are unable to access the Portals, please email portals@eglo.com. Our asset management team will evaluate your request and contact you with any questions, or activate EGLO Portals service for your user.

Access & Settings

What is a landing page?

When you log in to media.eglo.com, you will be directed to the landing page. This page contains the main folders of the “EGLO Portals” database.

  1. About EGLO
    In this category, you will find images, videos and files about EGLO, such as logos, image videos, office templates, the CD manual and shop images.

  2. Documents
    This category contains files relating to EGLO products, such as catalogues and folders.

  3. Products
    You will find product images, ambient images, videos and 3D data about current EGLO products in this category.
How can I adjust my view settings? View settings

Search & Filters

How can I search for images?

You can search the Portals for images in several different ways.

  1. Filter

    To the left of your browser window, you will find filterable metadata for the EGLO assets. Use these to restrict your search until you find the desired file/s. All filter settings will remain active until you remove them or begin a new search via the EGLO logo.

  2. Search field

    The search field is located at the top of your browser window. When you enter your search term/s, the search will return files containing your search term/s. If you obtain too many results, you can further restrict your search using the filters on the left side of the window.

    If you do not enter a search term, the search will return all files.
    Two or more terms should be joined by AND.
    Two terms separated by || can be joined by OR (press AltGR + > to type “|”).
    If your search term begins with a minus symbol (-), the search will return files that DO NOT contain the term.
    Terms entered in quotation marks (“”) will be treated as a single term.

  3. List search

    To the right of the search field at the top of your browser window, you will find the “List search” button.
    You can select a column of identifiers (asset numbers from PIM) or material numbers from an Excel list and copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) these into the field.
    If you would like to manually enter multiple identifiers or material numbers, these must be separated by “Enter”.
    Search results can then be filtered or processed.

What can I do with my search results?

You can collect or share assets in EGLO Portals in various ways.
The USER MUST always download all required assets, and accept the EGLO terms of use.

! Please do not download any images from EGLO Portals and then send them via email or other means to customers/partners.

! Please only use the Share function within EGLO Portals to send images to customers or partners.

Individual download

Individual assets may be downloaded immediately.

Individual download
Temporary storage

Assets may be collected in temporary storage. This storage is available only to the user and will be emptied on logging out.

  1. Individual collection:

    You can place individual assets into temporary storage by clicking the button next to the asset.

    Temporary storage
  2. Collecting all search results:

    You can place all search results into temporary storage with a single click.

    Collecting all search results

Stored assets can be (see below for details):

  • Loaded into a collection (new or existing)
  • Downloaded
  • Shared
  • Printed
Collection (collect and save)

If you create and name a collection, this will remain available after you log out

A collection can be set as a private or shared collection.

Collection Collection
  • Private - available only to you
  • Released to ALL - !CAUTION! vailable to all EGLO Portals users!
  • Released to the following users – available to a group of users you specify.

Collections can be (see below for details):

  • Downloaded
  • Shared
  • Printed
  • Deleted
Adding assets to an existing collection

  1. Individual items

    Individual images can be added to the collection directly from the overview.

    Individual items

  2. From storage

    Multiple images can be conveniently collected in the temporary storage and then added to an existing collection.

    From storage From storage

Multiple assets from temporary storage or a collection will be compressed into a ZIP file to reduce file size.

  1. Downloading from temporary storage Downloading from temporary storage
  2. Downloading a collection Downloading a collection

Images can be shared with EGLO and external users.

The USER MUST always download all required assets, and accept the EGLO terms of use.

! Please do not download any images from EGLO Portals and then send them via email or other means to customers/partners.
! Please only use the Share function within EGLO Portals to send images to customers or partners.

  1. Share from storage
    Share from storage
  2. Share a collection Share a collection
    Link to share a collection

    You can enter the following information:

    ToEmail addresses for external or internal users
    Valid fromThe collection will be available from this date
    Valid untilThe collection will be available until this date
    SubjectThis subject will be shown in the invitation email
    TextThis text will be shown in the invitation email
    Password requiredProvide additional protection for the shared collection with a secure password. Particularly recommended where only shared addresses such as office@ or info@ are available. Please do not include passwords in the same email.
    See informationThe recipient will be able to see the saved metadata of the asset (material number, colours, keywords, etc.)
    Print filesThe recipient can print the collection using EGLO templates.
    Download files using one of the following actions:You can limit the template size to suit the specific purpose.
Image sizes & formats

The following image size options are available when downloading individual assets or collections:

  • Size 1000 x 1000px

    These images are suitable for use as website and thumbnail images.

    In PNG files, cropped images will be shown without background.
    With JPG format, cropped images will be shown on a white background.

  • Size 2500 x 2500 px

    These images are suitable for print-outs and sales documents.

    In PNG files, cropped images will be shown without background.
    With JPG format, cropped images will be shown on a white background.

  • With all other files or documents, the original will always be downloaded.
  • When downloading mixed storage folders or collections, only images will be converted into the desired size.

At present, you can choose between three templates:

  • 1 product per page
  • 6 products per page
  • 12 products per page

To reduce processing time, please apply our printing templates to the EGLO Portals thumbnails.
The print quality in the individual view may not be adequate in some circumstances.


What should I do if I cannot find a particular image?

If you cannot find any assets for an article in EGLO Portals, you can request assets for one or more articles from assets.eglo.com.
Your request will be assessed for relevance and feasibility and either entered into the system, or you may receive an email response.
Sometimes the requested assets are relevant only in the local context. Depending on the intended purpose, the cost of asset creation may have to be borne by the customer.If this is the case, an asset manager will contact you before acting.

The standard product view is:

101 VIEW
Perspective view

101 VIEW

Additional views are being planned. These can be requested and may be supplied, subject to feasibility and available resources.

  • 102 FRONT
    Front view
    102 FRONT
  • 103 SIDE
    Side view
    103 SIDE
  • 104 VERTICAL
    Vertical/horizontal view
    104 VERTICAL
  • 105 LIGHT
    Illuminated view
    105 LIGHT
  • 106 DETAIL
    Product detailed view
    106 DETAIL
  • 107 360°
    10-second videos
    107 360°
    Accessories included in delivery (may not be ordered separately).
  • 120 AMBIENT

    120 AMBIENT
Why do I have to accept the terms of use every time?

To avoid unlawful use of EGLO assets, the relevant USER must always accept the EGLO terms of use.
This serves to indemnify the EGLO company and its customers and partners in the event of legal issues.

Can I access Portals from my tablet or smartphone?

EGLO Portals can also be accessed via mobile devices at the address https://media.eglo.com.