Wooden Lamps: Natural, modern and ways they can enhance your home

Types of Wood 

There are many different types of wood, but there are several specific types which are popular for constructing lighting products, such as:

  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Larch
  • Stone pine
  • Spruce pine
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Pine
  • Walnut

These types of wood differ in colour, grain and hardness, which is why teak wood is often popular for furniture due to its rustic qualities and durability. The grains are all different and do not follow a pattern, which makes every wooden lamp unique. 

Qualities of Wood

Wood is a great material for lighting products as it can be combined with a variety of styles to complement any interior. This unique and raw material can create a simple elegance and adds a natural aspect to your interior.

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Stylish Wooden Accents

Wooden lamps not only enhance your interior but can be combined with other wooden elements to create a cosy yet elegant ambience.

 Wooden Candlestick:

  • Compliment your interior with wooden accents such as candlesticks or wooden tealight holders. 
  • Combine the natural element of wood with monochrome tones so that the raw material stands out.
  • You can combine wooden candlesticks with other small wooden elements such as vases. 
  • Add a splash of leafy greenness with a plant or touch of colour to combine the natural aspects. 

 Wooden Boxes:

  • Wooden boxes are a great way to compliment a vintage-inspired, rustic chic feel.
  • Wine or fruit boxes can be perfectly converted into a wide variety of furniture such as shoe racks, sideboards or bedside cabinets. 
  • Contrast wooden elements with a concrete accent to add an urban twist.
  • Elements of glass are great to add a subtle touch of elegance.
  • Highlight your vintage style with rustic-style elements rather than designer furniture.

 Wooden Mirror:

  • Consider a wooden mirror as an eye-catching natural element.
  • Choose a large mirror with a thick wooden frame to create a statement piece for your interior.
  • Alternatively, combine a mirror with a small and simple frame with a wooden shelf.

In the living room, you can integrate wooden elements such as tables or pieces of furniture to create a rustic but cosy ambience. 

Wooden elements promote cosiness and comfort as well as adding a touch of contemporary style. Discover our large selection of wooden lighting products, including everything from ceiling lights to pendants to table and floor lamps.