Intelligent Lighting Control for your Home: Three Ways to Perfect Lighting

Smart Lighting: Perfect Lighting in Seconds

Do you know that feeling when you lie down on your sofa and realise that you have forgotten to turn off your main light? Or would you like to welcome guests by turning on your exterior light?

These situations are why EGLO Connect makes your life so much easier. In this way, you always ensure the right atmosphere, both inside and outside your home.

Light control via remote control, app or voice assistant

You can choose how you want to control your lighting - through the remote control, App or voice control. You have the power to transform your ambience through brightness, colour temperature or light scenes (palettes)..

Remote Control

Using the remote control is possibly the easiest and most efficient way to have control of your EGLO Connect lighting. You have all the functions of brightness, colour temperature and mood easily at your fingertips and you can transform it as you wish.


Another way to transform your ambience with EGLO Connect is via the App. You have the ability to combine your Smart Lighting into a group to change whole rooms at a time. You also have the option to control your lighting when you are out and about.

Voice Control

Alexa, turn on the light in the living room." With Alexa or other similar voice assistants, this technology has already become a part of everyday life for some people. It should be noted that different commands are possible depending on what lighting product is used; a few lights only allow switching on and off, whereas others allow dimming. You may also be able to vary the colour temperature, tones or light scenes via voice control.


Advantages of Smart Lighting at a glance:


  • Control by remote control, App or voice control

  • No expensive additional technology needed

  • Protected network with no external access possible

  • Internet access is not always necessary for control

  • User-friendly 

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Individual setting options with a variety of  colours and dimming

  • Access by multiple users

  • MESH technology so lights form a common network

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