Discover your perfect light with EGLO Connect

Transform your Lighting

Immerse your living room with warm, cosy light or choose a neutral bright option for daytime. With EGLO Connect, you can choose from over 16 million colours, 50,000 shades of white and smooth dimming via remote control or App. You can create pre-set sequences and scenes to produce the perfect atmosphere for your every need. 

Stay Connected

Control any EGLO Connect light from around the house with our MESH technology. The lights form a group and protected network to communicate with each other. You can add additional EGLO Connect products to control your lighting individually or in groups such as living room, dining room etc. 

Suit your mood

Be woken up gently with the simulated dawn feature for the bedroom. When you are away, set your lights on a timer in advance to increase security and peace of mind. There is also a 'disco function' where the lights change their colour and brightness to match the rhythm of your playlist.

Your Home - Your Light

EGLO Connect turns your home into a Smart Lighting experience. Choose your favourite settings with feel-good colours and discover the power of EGLO Connect.