Step-dimming: dimming using the typical light switch.

Our step-dimming lights can be dimmed using your existing switches, regardless of whether they are wall, cable, housing or step-switches. The dimmer technology is outsourced to the lighting components and saves you the tedious search for the right dimmer. 

By pressing the switch several times (on/off), the light source can be altered to your desired brightness level. There are 3 different brightness levels available; 100%, 50% and 25%.

If the light is switched off and on again within 3 seconds, it automatically switches to the next dimming level. If the light remains switched off for more than 3 seconds, 100% brightness will automatically available the next time you switch it on, to save you changing it the next day. 

The advantages at a glance:

  • A dimmer is no longer necessary - you save in costs and consultation using your current light switch.
  • Existing and already installed lights can be changed to our LED step-dimming lamps by simply swapping them, with no tedious installation of a dimmer necessary.
  • Dimming is easily possible and can be implemented without significant technical skills. 
  • Table, floor or wall lights can be made dimmable easily and without great technical skills with our step-dimming lightbulbs. As long as they have an integrated switch, this is possible, regardless of whether they are cable, housing or step switches.


Our step-dimming lamps can only be dimmed using an on/off switch - operation with conventional dimmers is not intended and could permanently damage the electronics. The lighting products therefore are marked as 'not dimmable' following European regulations.