Modern, sleek and mysterious - black lighting elements are on trend.

Bold in Black

Black is a bold colour which exudes personality. No other colour has such power and meaning - from elegance to expressive self-confidence to being timeless, the spectrum of possibilities is endless.

In Chinese philosophy, there is yin and yang which describes balance. This philosophy can be applied to black lighting products. Yin, i.e. black, stands for the colour of the lamp. Yang, white, stands for the light generated by the illuminant. This striking contrast makes for a bold and eye-catching statement. 

Our collection of black lighting products

Our black lighting products offer boldness and style. Some products have accents of gold or white to an added 'wow' factor.

Our Ramon series features striking contrast with a black lampshade and white elements, again drawing on the Yin and Yang principles. The Ramon collection provides its own personal charm through a calm geometric pattern.

The Ramon collection consists of different types of lighting products, from single and multi-light pendants to ceiling lighting and table lamps. If you prefer a uniform style, with the Ramon collection you have every opportunity to be a trendsetter. 

Contrasting Black and Gold

A prominent and eye-catching trend is adding metallic chic to your home with contrasting black and gold accents. We have developed a range inspired by this trend which is our Varillas series.

The contrast of these two colours creates show-stopping elegance. Here we also have different types of lighting products including pendant lights, ceiling lights, as well as a table and floor lamp.

Decorative Black

Not only do black lighting products exude contemporary chic, but they also compliment other black accents in the home. Get inspired by our ideas:

Black walls - bold but can be used to create wonderful accents:

  • Combine this with a black and gold lamp to add class and luxury to your home. 
  • Add white accents such as picture frames or vases
  • Wooden elements can be combined to add a style break and soften accents
  • Important: focus on earthy, light tones like beige, white or cream for the rest of the styling as bright colours like red or blue can be overwhelming.

You can use blackboard paint and then paint or write on this as you desire.

Black Vases & Picture Frames

  • A stunning way to add accents but also bring calm to your ambience.
  • You can combine other colours here too - for example, pastel colours such as rose or mint green compliment and stand out. 

Black Rug

  • A black rug is an eye-catching accent on a pale or white floor. 
  • The contrast between black and white is especially striking here.
  • In the living room, for example, you can combine a black rug and lamp with a white couch and floor to create a minimalist and modern look.
  • Or you could add natural elements to soften the contrast and to create a relaxing ambience.