It's time to show your true colours.

It's time to show your true colours. 16 million shades, 50,000 whites and smooth dimming leave nothing to be desired. Find the ideal setting with a remote control or app.

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EGLO connect

What is that?

The lamp system EGLO connect enables you to control and program the light in your home individually.

Connect yourself to your luminaires via the Connect remote control or the free-of-charge Smart Control App by AwoX and control them individually or in groups.

Choose from an impressive range of 16 million shades and 50,000 whites, dim the brightness smoothly and create your perfect ambience for any moment!

Your benefits

coordinated with you

>  User-friendly operation

>  Access by several released users

>  Control by remote control or free app
    on the Smartphone, tablet or Smartwatch

>  Quick and simple installation

>  No expensive additional devices necessary

>  Protected network – no external access possible

>  No internet access needed for control

>  Individual setting options

>  Diversity of colours and smooth dimming

>  MESH Technologie - luminaires form a network 

>  Bluetooth® Smart = energy-efficient technology

Remote control

The remote control permits simple control of your luminaires and operation without internet access at any time.

>  Simple operation and control 

      -  Choose from 16 million shades or 50,000

      -  Program 2 favourites

>  The remote control also permits smooth dimming 
    and different colour transfers.

>  Your EGLO connect products can also be  
    controlled by remote control only - Smart Control 
    App by AwoX not mandatory.

Smart Control App

You can control the EGLO connect products very easily with the free Smart Control App by AwoX.

Your control options:

>  Pre-set scenarios
>  Simple and quick customisation of the luminaires
>  Assignment of names and images to your EGLO 
    connect products
>  Grouping your luminaires 
>  Internet access only necessary for initial  
    registration and installation
>  If necessary, the remote control can be
    integrated into the app as an additional
    control option.

Grouping your luminaires

> Customised photos and designations of your luminaires

> Grouping by room

Light effects

> Free selection from 16 M shades and 50,000 whites

> Specify favourites

> Different colour transfers

> Pre-set scenes such as sun, volcano, snow, etc.

Disco function

> Rhythmic change of colour and brightness

> Colour control through your personal play list

Alarm function

> Activation and deactivation timer

> Simulate presence

> Soft sleep and wake-up timer by dimming function


  • Easily set times to turn on, and then turn off your nightlight
  • You can even chose a sequence of colors or the brightness

Dawn Simulator

  • Simply set the time you wish for your light bulbs to start progressively lighting up before they reach complete brightness at the set time of your alarm.

Presence Simulator

  • Swipe your screen to create different time zones to simulate your presence at home.
  • More safety for your home!


  • Create daily programs that can turn off & on your SmartLIGHT Mesh light bulbs.
  • An ideal feature for those who forget to turn off the lights when leaving the house in the morning.


  • Four programmable favorites
  • More information here


  • Provides highest possible saftey for every user
  • No other user will have access to your luminaires or lamps unless you permit it
  • More information about registration you can find on our Support page

connect Sensor

The new EGLO connect sensor offers you numerous advantages! 

  • Attention
    recognizes every movement
  • Safe steps
    stumbling in the dark is a thing of the past
  • Hands free
    turns on the light automatically
  • Money saving
    low energy cost with LED technology

All details about the numerous functions can be found here.

No cabeling

  • Battery-operated sensor
  • No difficult cabeling is necessary
  • The sensor can be mounted directly on the wall

Night mode

  • When Night mode is enabled the luminaires recieve the indication night or day from the connect sensor.
  • Choose from 3 sensivity settings (25 to 75%)

Movement detection

  • The connect sensor turns on the luminaires with the chosen light intensity when movement is detected.
  • You can choose from 3 movement detection sensibility settings.
  • The light will turn off after the selected time when no movement is detected.

Combination of Night mode and Movement detection

  • Intelligent Combination of the 2 main functions
  • For more information pleas visit our Support page

IP44 Safety

  • The new connect sensor is protected by IP44 protection rating.
  • Perfect protection for outside

connect Plug

  • The smart plug that controls your power consumption.
  • Turn all your devices into smart objects. 
  • Now you can operate your whole house with the touch of a finger.
  • Functions CONNECT PLUG
    • ON / OFF - with AwoX Smart Control App / remote control
    • BLE energy meter 
    • Power rating - 10A / max. 2300 W / 230 V
    • Operating range - up to 15 m
    • Connectivity - Bluetooth® Smart Mesh
    • Version - GE (Schuko CEE 7/7)

connect Plug Plus

  • Local control and external remote control: Local control via Bluetooth® mesh technology and away-from-home control via AwoX cloud service 
  • Voice command: Support of Amazon Alexa / Google Home ready
  • Connection: Wi-Fi Bridge with Bluetooth® mesh ecosystem.
  • Functions CONNECT PLUG PLUS:
    • ON / OFF - with AwoX Smart Control App / remote control
    • BLE energy meter 
    • Power rating - 10A / max. 2300 W / 230 V
    • Operating range - up to 15 m
    • Connectivity - Bluetooth® Smart Mesh
    • Version - GE (Schuko CEE 7/7)

Control more than just luminaires

  • Both the connect Plug and connect Plug Plus are not only used to operate luminaires.
  • Control your entire household, whether it's a coffee machine, smoothie maker, kettle or something else.
  • Turn any device into a smart object!

Room control

The EGLO connect products permit individual room control. The SMART Control App by AwoX offers comfortable and, most of all, simple control of your luminaires, no matter if you are working with a single luminaire, a room or an entire living area.

individual control

Luminaires can be selected and controlled individually.

Luminaires can be grouped by rooms and controlled as room groups.

living areas
Independently of the room association, lamps can be grouped by living areas and then controlled as a group.


Increase security in entrance areas, driveways, gardens or terraces. With the EGLO connect sensor, luminaires can be controlled by movement and / or automatically switched on or off according to brightness.


Simple installation 
The latest Bluetooth® technology makes elaborate installation for operation of your EGLO connect products unnecessary. Operate your products easily by remote control and/or the App for Smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches.

Protected network
Setting up an app account will protect your settings with a password and prevent external access.

MESH Technology
The EGLO connect products form a smart network and communicate among each other. This can increase the range with every additional lamp.