Política de Privacidade 

Welcome to EGLO.com:


The following conditions apply to use of the EGLO Leuchten GmbH. Upon registering as a blog user, you accept the respective valid version of the terms of use. Use of the EGLO blog does not result in any contract between the user and EGLO. The articles published in the EGLO, including the contents, information, and opinions do not represent an offer within a legal context.   


A user must provide their first and last name and an e-mail address in order to register for the blog and publish articles. Participation in the blog may be ended at any time by the user. 

Terms of use:

Articles by the user and the content, information, opinions, and links connected with them exclusively represent the personal statements of the user, who shall also be legally responsible for them.

The user grants EGLO the right to feature the article for permanent access in the blog. Users may demand deletion of their articles. EGLO shall complete deletion within a suitable period of time. The user is nevertheless instructed that their articles and content published on the Internet may remain permanently available under some circumstances to be read and accessed.

Basically, no articles may be published that violate these terms of use, violate applicable Austrian law, or violate good morals.

The following impermissible usage activities are referred to non-exclusively:

-       Publication of contents that are untrue and the publication of which qualify as a criminal offence or an administrative offence;

-       Publication of content that is insulting, racist, discriminating against other users and the general public, or far-right or pornographic content;

-       Articles that are mainly intended to serve as advertising or dissemination of ideologies, sending spam to other users;

-       Illegal use of copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise legally-protected contents, and anticompetitive activities.

Reserved actions in case of violation of these terms of use:

-       Deletion and/or alteration of published articles and content;

-       Prohibiting further participation in the blog;

-       Blocking access to the blog.

Liability notice:

EGLO shall make a suitable attempt to ensure that the blog is up to date and includes properly transmitted information and content.

EGLO shall nevertheless not accept liability for the articles provided by the user and their correctness, validity, completeness, and legal validity, and shall not be obligated to monitor articles completely, including examination with regard to the legal content. 

EGLO shall not accept liability for damage that results from access or from lack of access to the blog, from blog contents and their information or from links/references to other websites and from the subsequent use of these websites.

A liability or guarantee on behalf of EGLO within the context of the provision of the blog shall therefore apply as essentially legally excluded.


All parts of the content on the EGLO blog website are legally protected, especially with regard to copyright. Use outside of the legally permissible scope shall not be permitted without written approval from EGLO. In particular, reproduction of the content or the use of brands, brand elements, and logos shall not be permitted. The right to enforce legal violations is explicitly reserved. All costs resulting from illegal use of the blog shall be demanded from the user.          

Privacy Statement:

Storage of personal data provided voluntarily during registration of the user shall take place solely for information purposes in case of technical problems or in case of violations of the terms of use and for as long as this is necessary for these purposes. Any processing or usage of personal data that goes beyond this or in violation of the Austrian data protection act shall not take place.

The EGLO blog website uses Google Analytics and the cookies used within this web analysis service. The data protection provisions of Google are provided here: http://www.google.de/policies/privacy/. The user himself may prevent the storage of cookies within the context of the options provided by the corresponding browser settings.   

Social plug-ins:

The blog also offers the use of social plug-ins for social networks such as Facebook, etc. Users must activate these social plug-ins themselves to establish a connection with the respective social network. Users shall therefore be obligated to inform themselves regarding the scope and processing/use of their data by the respective social network.     

These terms of use may be changed by EGLO at any time. The terms of use shall be subject to Austrian law and excluding reference provisions. The court of jurisdiction shall be the court responsible for 6136 Pill, Austria.