What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need?

What Size Ceiling Fan Do I need?

An appropriately sized fan not only needs to give you maximum energy efficiency, but also needs to look proportioned and balanced to the size of your room.

Sometimes, selecting a slightly larger fan which will achieve the same airflow on a lower speed as a smaller fan on a high speed will result in a quieter and more energy efficient operation.

Below you’ll find a table that can act as a guide in helping you choose the correct sized ceiling fan. Keep in mind that for very large rooms, multiple ceiling fans may be a more effective option.

Ceiling Fan Size Guide


Room Size
Fan Size
Fan Size
< 7 m² 27” – 35” 70 cm – 90 cm
7 m² – 13 m² 35” – 39” 90 cm – 100 cm
13 m² – 20 m² 39” – 44” 100 cm – 112 cm
20 m² – 27 m² 44” – 53” 112 cm – 137 cm
27 m² – 34 m² > 53” >137 cm


Is Height Important?

Now that you’ve sorted out the size of the ceiling fan, you also need to consider the drop. If you have higher ceilings, then you may want to use a downrod to suspend your ceiling fan for greater air circulation. Bear in mind the minimum legal requirement. For safety reasons, the blades of the ceiling fan should be at least 2.1 metres above the ground.

Most ceilings in Australia are 2.4 metres high. All EGLO ceiling fans will fit this standard height without needing to be cut to size.  It may pay to measure your ceilings before install to ensure they meet this requirement. If they are lower then don’t panic, all our downrods can be cut by a licenced electrician so you can welcome a shiny new EGLO ceiling fan into your home!