The kitchen is normally the centrepiece of every home. This is where you meet to talk, learn and play. So the requirements for lighting are ever so widely varied.

General lighting

Lighting in the kitchen must be bright enough and not blinding. So select the right ceiling lights from our wide range of ceiling lights the one that is right for you. Spotlights will not only provide extra lights, but they will also provide extra impulse in the kitchen.

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Work surface lighting

For simple and efficient working in the kitchen it is essential that there are no shadows on the work surface. The kitchen lights mounted below cabinets are important for this purpose. And even if there are shadows you will soon be convinced by our ideas for mounted down-light systems.

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Dining table lighting

Perform magic by creating an atmosphere of enjoyment and cosiness at your dining table, by lighting it with suspended or pendulum light! Bright and blind-free light from above will let the delicacies served look especially appetizing.

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