The garden or terrace is, especially in summer, your second living room outside. And if you’ve got the right lighting you can enjoy this living room also after sunset.

General lighting

If you want to envelop your garden or terrace in mood lighting, creativity knows no limits. Our range offers accentuation lights for plants, pedestal luminaires and everything including solar lights, to provide colourful highlights outside. Browse through the various styles in our catalogues, and you will certainly find the LED luminaire or the classical lantern lamp just right for you.

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Safety lights

A brightly and friendly lighting for the path to your front door welcomes your guests and keeps “undesirable visitors” away. Enough light at your front door and near steps is provided by luminaires controlled by sensors that on shine bright when needed.

Installation of outside luminaires

A well-lit entrance area conveys a feeling of security and safety. Outside luminaires can be installed in a variety of ways: on a power-point tower, with an underground distribution box or mounted on building corners. Especially convenient is also an outside sensor, which helps save electricity and costs.