The corridor or hallway is basically the visiting card of your home; it conveys a first impression of your own four walls. Warm light welcomes your guests; but it must be bright enough so that matching shoes, the umbrella or the right cap can be easily found.

General lighting

It is always pleasant to be greeted by an inviting atmosphere right behind the front door. EGLO has the right luminaires matching all possible furnishing styles for you.

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Wardrobe and shelf lighting

If you have pictures on your corridor walls you can accentuate them with picture lights and create a feel-good-factor. Use clip spotlights, recessed or surface-mounted luminaires to illuminate wardrobes, closets and shelves.

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Sensor lights

You’ve got both your hands full and can’t reach the light switch? Then it is time to switch to our LED wall and ceiling lights with integrated high frequency sensors. These combine the advantages of the LED technology with those of a sensor.