We spend almost a third of our life in the bedroom – so a well-designed lighting system should be self-evident there, especially as we are spending some of the most pleasurable hours there...

General lighting

A good night’s sleep is the best recipe for being fit for the challenges of the new morning. A soothing, calming and relaxing atmosphere is what needs to be created by the bedroom lighting. With wall and ceiling lights and EGLO spotlights you will be providing just that.

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Lighting by the bed

Around the bed table lamps provide a pleasant atmosphere; with dimmable lights you can also change the light mood.

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Cabinet and closet lights

What good are the most beautiful clothes if you can’t find them? Spotlights, recessed luminaires, down lights etc. ensure that selecting what to wear from your wardrobe can be done in a jiffy. Please observe the required safety distance regulations.

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