In hardly any other room are the requirements on the lighting higher than in the bathroom – depending on the time of day and mood different light is required: cool light in the morning to wake up, and warm light in the evening to relax. And a hint from the expert: small bathrooms look a lot bigger if the lighting is right.

General lighting

Depending on the darkness of your bathroom wall tiles, you will need stronger or weaker lamps for the basic illumination. When using wall and ceiling lights special attention must be paid to the formation of shadows, and an indirect lighting using spotlights creates a pleasant atmosphere.

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Mirror lighting

The illumination for the bathroom mirror is particularly important. The light should be glare-free, without shadows and even. This is achieved with special mirror lights and appropriately located wall lights.

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Lighting in humid conditions

Humidity and electricity meet in the bathroom. It is therefore essential to comply with special safety regulations for the lighting system. For lights in the immediate vicinity of tub and shower, there are special lamps with humidity insulation and protection according to the IP classifications as defined by law and regulations. We are there for you and can provide professional advice in these matters.

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