Generally, residential lighting has two functions: It should support in our everyday activities, by providing light and preserving the eyes from premature tiring. And it is meant to fill our living spaces with the matching atmosphere.

Today’s lighting technology offers countless possibilities and ideas. Important for the implementation, however, will always be a sufficient number of power points and wall points.

First of all the room needs a good basic lighting, controlled by the switch by the door. Then you deal with the appropriate atmosphere: Objets d’art are lit, communications zones or workplace are illuminated in a special light, and the whole working and living space is enveloped in contours or different lighting levels.

Direct and indirect lighting

Direct light – such as the flame of a candle – evokes pleasant emotions, but it has the side-effect that the light is unfiltered and enters the eye without any screening.

For this reason indirect lighting is preferable, a screened light source, reflected by the walls and the ceiling. So the light may provide a wide cone of light it should be mounted at a good distance from the lit surface. Wall flood lights should be mounted at no less than 1.70 meters, so that the light source is well above eye level. And of course, flood lights should be only deployed in small or low rooms after considerate planning, as otherwise their effect would be wasted.

At EGLO you will find everything for the perfect light setting of your residential areas: spot lights and wall luminaires, ceiling flood lights and halogen racks, table and standard lamps.